Avant Law looks forward to a world where everyone has the right to a fairly paid job with healthy working conditions. Until we get there, Avant Law will defend your rights as an employee within the existing legal framework with grace and skill.

Avant Law offers advice and representation to employees and independent contractors in all walks of life. Contact us if you:

  • Have been fired, for any reason or no reason at all;
  • Have been disciplined;
  • Are experiencing discrimination in the workplace based on race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity or expression, disability, or other prohibited forms of discrimination according to the Human Rights Code of Ontario;
  • Have been harassed or sexually harassed;
  • Have discovered wrongdoing by your employer and want to blow the whistle;
  • Have lost or will lose your government security clearance;
  • Want to unionize; or
  • Want to know your rights as an employee.