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We are based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. While our criminal defence work tends to be local to the Ottawa area, our workers’ rights and human rights work takes us further. We do union side labour law and union consulting throughout Ontario and are open to cases and projects across the country.

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Miriam Martin
Miriam Martin

Miriam heads up our criminal defence work. She is a fierce advocate for criminally accused persons, no matter what the charges. She also brings a wealth of experience as a union organizer and advocate. When it comes to bargaining, organizing or campaign work, her instinct is second to none.


Daniel Tucker-Simmons
Daniel Tucker-Simmons

Daniel’s driven and compassionate lawyering style lends force of conviction to his labour and employment advocacy. And his technical know-how has enabled us to streamline our business practices and enhance the security of our communications, saving you money and protecting your confidentiality.



Here is what sets us apart.

Your Rights Your Rights

Avant Law is dedicated to your rights. Whether you are facing criminal charges, mistreatment in the workplace, or have been wronged by the state or your employer, we’ve got your back.

Within Reach Within Reach

We are committed to running a low-overhead and high-efficiency law practice. We believe in using technology and forming partnerships with other groups and professionals, to reduce some of the costs that make hiring a lawyer difficult for many people and small organizations.

Secure Secure

We offer exceptionally secure filing and communications systems, to protect your confidentiality. For our highest level of security, download our public PGP keys and send us a 4096-bit RSA encrypted e-mail, or message Daniel on Jabber using OTR (JID: wer.bin.ich@jabber.de). You can also get in touch and ask for our secure phone line.

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How to start a union – Part 2 – Strategic Considerations

How to start a union – Part 2 – Strategic Considerations

So, you’re considering joining or forming a union. Unionizing is more of an art than a science. This post deals with strategic considerations that are likely relevant across Canada. This is Part 2 in our How to start a union series.

How to start a union (…in Ontario) Part 1 – two paths to unionization

How to start a union (…in Ontario) Part 1 – two paths to unionization

The first in our new series on how to start a union in Ontario. Is it worth considering? Can you find an established union to represent you, or do you create your own?